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Floyd Shivambu

The recent factual and accurate reports about the funding that was mobilised from rich white businessmen to assist the incumbent Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa to campaign for ANC Presidency reveals the fact that he is a rented President. Cyril Ramaphosa the white capitalist establishment and its comprador tentacles who used money to persuade ANC branches, delegates, regions and provinces to vote for Cyril Ramaphosa as ANC President. The purpose of raising so much money for Ramaphosa to win the ANC 54th National Conference was evidently intended at safeguarding the white capitalist accumulation path that defined South Africa since colonial conquest, apartheid capitalism and imaginary dawn of democracy. 

If CR17, which stands for Cyril Ramaphosa 2017
,did not have the hundreds of millions it used to hypnotise delegates prior to and at the ANC 54th Conference, the outcomeswould have been different—the ANC would have elected its first female president

The white monopoly fraction of the capitalist establishment realised that their ruling class status was being threatened by the less sophisticated, greedy and flamboyant Gupta capitalist fraction. Faced with this reality, the white capitalists united insupport Ramaphosa to win over the ANC, with the end goalbeing capture of the State, and subjugation of its direction, form and content to profiteering. This happened through usage of money, patronage and capture that hypnotised ANC Conference delegates, therefore setting an unsustainable precedent of external money interests used for internal ANC politics. 

It should be stated here that in politics, those who are required to take decisions (such as delegates in an elective Conference) are sometimes presented with two options, which are both be fatally wrong. One occasion of this nature was the ANC 54thConference which presented two candidates, one associated with the Gupta capitalist fraction and one intricately embedded in white monopoly capital. Both factions were wrong options and both factions were funded by different capitalist fractions whose end goal with was to subjugate the State and economy to their methods, path and forms of wealth accumulation.

There are several ANC documents, rules, resolutions and guidelines that forbid usage of money for internal electoral Conferences but the ANC collective, including its Integrity Commission and Veterans will ignore all these. They do so because in one way or another they were involved in the same practice and all ANC structures including elders are factionalised and refusing to think and act out of factional interests. The factionalism is not based on ideological, strategic, tactical or political differences, but on which fraction of capitalists must be dominant under whose leadership of the ANC. This form of ANC capture is the worse form of capture because a significant component of his highest decision body is a product of money. This simply means the ANC will be incapable is rescuing itself because it is not just individuals who are captured, but the entire organisation. 

What is worse is that such happened against an observation by the ANC Diagnostic report, which amongst many other observations said, “the use of money to buy votes for elections in the party, is at the heart of the decline of the quality of structures across the board. Money has replaced consciousness as a basis for being elected into leadership positions at all levels of the organisation. The ethical behaviour of leaders is no longer an issue, as it has been replaced by status. Ethics is seen as an elitist approach to politics and has developed social distance as an effect. Social distance accelerates the growth of the trust deficit between leaders and society, leading to decline of support for our movement”.

The reality is that Cyril Ramaphosa is a rented President, placed in his current position due to the money influence of the white capitalist establishment. Because capitalists control the media, an almost 100% unanimity was created in society that he is the modern-day messiah, who will salvage South Africa from Gupta capture, misnamed State capture for political and discursive convenience. This attitude and approach of the capitalist establishment was rooted in the belief that it is Ramaphosa or Nothing. What this meant is that the domestic capitalist in alliance with established global capitalism were more than ready to collapse the South African economy, its currency and credit standing if Ramaphosa was not elected as President of the ANC. This they would effortlessly achieve through withdrawal of the guarantees on the State debt, which is almost 60% of the Gross Domestic Product, and miles ahead of the revenue collected by the Revenue Services on an annual basis. 

Discontented with ex-President Zuma’s miscalculated and rabid abuse of power in all key State institutions such as the Prosecutions Authority, Parliament, State Owned Companies, and Government, a significant component of South Africans wasfed up with Zuma’s rapacious and almost militaristic usage of political power and wanted him gone. Zuma’s nepotism, disregard for meritocracy and good governance in State Owned Companies made things worse. On several instances, key appointments into State Owned Companies was dictated by the Gupta capitalist fraction, whose appetite for wealth accumulation was inconsistent with the collective vision to defeat poverty, create jobs and reduce inequalities. Their philosophy was Get Rich or die trying. 

As is being revealed, Zuma’s replacement in the ANC and Government, Cyril Ramaphosa is not a solution to South Africa’s massive developmental, governance and socio-economic challenges. Cyril Ramaphosa and the manner in which he was elected President is dangerous for the country and certainly an infiltration of the ANC. His philosophy and the philosophy of those who rented him as President is Get rich, stay rich and reproduce wealth in the same patterns designed under colonialism and apartheid. The reality is that if he stays in power, Cyril Ramaphosa’s greatest legacy will be widened inequality where the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, massive unemployment and economic stagnation due to factors not in his control. 

You need not go further to realise this than the recent past appointment of Jabu Mabuza as Executive Chairperson and Acting Chief Executive Officer of ESKOM, South Africa’s largest domestically based corporation with deep systemic and systematic vitality. Jabu Mabuza is appointed into that position because even under apartheid, Mabuza was in alliance with the capitalist establishment. Mabuza started to serve in First Rand Board in 1992, and was a leader of FABCOS, an organisation of aspirant black business people that worked with apologists of apartheid to oppose the economic sanctions that were meant to put pressure on apartheid to end. 

The role played by Trevor Manuel and his wife Maria Ramos in key sectors of the economy is not insignificant. The conflict-ridden process to appoint SARS Commissioner is not trivial, and part of the systemic capture which will disable SARS from maximally collecting taxes from tax avoiders, who use sophisticated tax avoidance mechanisms to generate wealth in South Africa and not pay taxes here because of their unsavoury relationships with tax havens. The subjugation of the Public Investment Corporation to embedded capitalist interests is not innocent and part of fulfilling the funders’ mandate and aspirations.  

There are various other deployments and decisions made and to be made that will reflect the reality that he who pays the piper calls the tune. One of those is the INVESTEC, which pre-emptively prescribed how ESKOM should be restructured and its prescriptions were followed in a same way a chronic patient would follow a Doctor’s prescriptions. All these deployments and decisions will not be taken to achieve a common developmental project, but to appease those who contributed money to win the ANC Conference and therefore South Africa’s Presidency. 

The fact that Cyril Ramaphosa wants to hide the identity of those who gave him money to cajole ANC delegates should be a cause for concern. It becomes a cause for concern because he clearly intends to mislead the whole country into believing that his deployments and decisions are not embedded whilst they will always be. The reality is that the Biblical observation that you cannot serve both money and God is applicable to the fact that you cannot serve both the white capitalist establishment and the people of South Africa is true. 

Ramaphosa’s intricate alliance with the white capitalist establishment is not a secret. In a book about the Rupert capitalist empire, it is said that, “In 1990 Johann Rupert was confronted about Richemont by Cyril Ramaphosa, secretary-general of the South African trade union federation Cosatu (SIC) and subsequently the ANC’s chief negotiator at the Kempton Park negotiations on the country’s transition to democracy. At a dinner at a Cape Town restaurant where the two men met for the first time, Ramaphosa, at one stage mentioned as a prominent contender for the role of possible successor to Nelson Mandela, wanted to know why the new company had been established overseas. 

At the time, the ANC had strong communist leanings and nationalisation was in the air. Johann gave a straight answer: ‘Cyril, it’s actually very simple, and you can tell that to your stakeholders. I have to protect the assets of my stakeholders, the shareholders, against your stakeholders – so that if they want to steal stuff, they won’t be able to do so. No capital has left the country; no capital will ever leave the country; and all the revenue still returns to South Africa. I’ve given my word to Dr Gerhard de Kock (former president of the Reserve Bank), and over the years we have not taken out a single penny.’ Ramaphosa then ‘nearly split his sides’ and said: ‘Oh, you Afrikaners!’ 

When Johann asked what he meant by this, Ramaphosa said he had just put the same question to Julian Ogilvy-Thompson, chairman of Anglo American, and that Ogilvy-Thompson had told him all kinds of stories about marketing agreements with Russia, et cetera . . . Johann said such talk was just nonsense, and he and Ramaphosa subsequently became good friends. Ramaphosa even served as a director of the Peace Parks Foundation for a while but found he could not devote sufficient attention to this on account of other obligations”. 

As a matter of fact, Ramaphosa has had an earlier close alliance with the white capitalist establishment and there are many instances where they openly said with him in office, their interests are safeguarded. His association with the capitalist establishment backdates the end of apartheid and formation of the National Union of Mineworkers, which brought him into political prominence. Both Anton Rupert and Harry Oppenheimer, the Godfathers of South African racial capitalism brought Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa closer from the time of the Urban Foundation in the late 1970s, through to formation of the NUM and subsequently to leading negotiations which he publicly said the opponents were happier than those who represented the liberation movement. 

The Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng correctly observed this when he said, “We need to allow ourselves to be captured by the ideal of a democratic and free society. I’m in the habit these days of saying what is democracy? A government of the people by the people and for the people.  Does it continue to be so when you stand no chance of winning elections unless you are connected to the financially well-resourced. If they fund you to a point where you succeed and win, are you not captured in advance? We need to think deep about how capture happens. There is no free lunch - and never for the millions. You may get lunch for a R1000, but once they begin to give you R1 million, R3 million, R5 million, R50 million or R100 million, whether I set you up in business or in government, there will be payback time. Why should I make you a millionaire, why should I prefer you to others? It’s an investment”. By all measure of standards, the Chief Justice is correct. 

South Africans should appreciate that we are led by a deployee of the white capitalist establishment, a rented President and he will loyally fulfil their dictates to achieve their immediate and long-term objectives. In doing so, he will degenerate into desperation of selective prosecutions and persecutions of those opposed to his continued reign. Ramaphosa will victimise opponents because his funders and handlers will tell him to be ruthless. Those who gave him money have already taught him to deliberately lie and mislead parliament and the public and the next step will be persecution of his opponents. 

The people of South Africa should decide on what is to be done. If the mandate is that Parliament should impeach him as a President, a Parliamentary majority can be mobilised, even from his political party to do so. When this happens, the capitalists will throw tantrums and collapse the economy and the currency because they exclusively own and control it. If the consensus is that he must remain for one term as President, reality is that he will do everything in his power to dance to the tune of those who paid. In South Africa, it is almost scientifically proven that white capitalist interests have never coincided with the interests of the people, and any imagination that seeks to persuade us towards that direction is wrong. Cyril Ramaphosa is embedded in dangerous capitalist networks and will not work for the people. He is rented President.

Floyd Shivambu is EFF Deputy President


Unknown said...

Saying whites capitalists doesn't take into account the colonial order prevailing, i think whites colonialists is more accurate.

Because the order established in south Africa is a racist white supremacy colonial order, where brown Africans are like a property of whites.

Anonymous said...


"This they would effortlessly achieve through withdrawal of the guarantees on the State debt, which is almost 60% of the Gross Domestic Product, and miles ahead of the revenue collected by the Revenue Services on an annual basis. "

Not clear what you mean here.

I feel you are conflating: (1) state issued debt guarantees for the money SOEs borrow, (2) willingness of private sector to buy government bonds (ie lend money to government) & buy SOE bonds, (3) increased cost of issuing new bonds (after a downgrade), (4) cost of servicing current debt (almost all of it whose interest rate was fixed at issuancee), and (5) revenue collected by SARS which is reported on annualised basis versus government debt (60% you quote) which matures over many years hence not all due in single annual revenue period.


Unknown said...

Well said.

King Moletsane said...

Well written Nyiko. I personally think that you are way ahead of your time my Deputy.