Friday, June 28, 2013

Protest against Imperialist Obama should also be directed towards sub-imperialist Zuma:


Floyd Shivambu 

It is now apparent that US President Barack Obama will receive an irate reception from Progressive Activists and Internationalists who correctly are engaging their political rights and freedom of rejecting US bully imperialism. The protest action against the US Administration and its Representative Barack Obama is correct because Obama and his administration should appreciate that the world does not approve of its bully foreign policy objectives and practices.

The US administration under Barack Obama is guilty of the callous assassination through barbaric murder of Maummar Gaddaffi of Libya for reasons that still cannot be explained. The US administration under Obama continued with the neo-colonial domination of Iraq and Afghanistan, not because of the war against terrorism, but for narrow economic interests, particularly oil. 

The US administration under Obama is guilty of its continued support of Israeli illegal expansion and violation of Palestinians right to self-determination, dignity and basic freedoms. The US administration under Obama is not closing the illegal, inhuman and barbaric prison in Guatanamo Bay, and continues to repress Cuba under a Trade embargo which hinders Cuba's capacity to trade with the world.  The US administration under Obama is not different from the administration of George Bush, Bill Clinton, George W.H Bush, Ronald Reagan whose leadership of the past five US Administrations caused so much destabilization, starvation, suffering and pain in the developing and underdeveloped world. In pursuit of narrow interests, the US does not mind dropping bombs on children and women and many civilians have been casualties of US greed. Dictators and Despots enjoyed US protection as long as they did not pose any immediate threat to US economic interests. Zimbabwe is under sanctions due to a destabilization plan concocted by US Administration, and Britain as a way of intimidating all African States to neglect thoroughgoing economic decolonization.

The US bullying foreign policy is however being assumed by South Africa in its dealings with the African continent. The role of South Africa in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Central African Republic (CAR) is openly a sub-imperialist role with narrow economic objectives, not of the country, but individuals. All reputable Elections Observers in the 2011 DRC General elections agreed that the elections there were not free and fair, and South Africa had a role in such. Both ballots and campaign materials of one of the Contenders were transported in one Military Helicopter. The DRC is now imposed with Joseph Kabila as its President, despite the most possible reality that majority of Congolese do not approve of his leadership and have exercised the choice in the 2011 General elections. DRC is on the verge of a Civil War, not because of a power hungry rebel group, but because of a leader who was imposed on the people of the DRC, by efforts which South Africa most possibly aided. The recent decision to send SA National Defence Force Troops to fight on the side of Joseph Kabila is not protection of good governance, because all reputable Observers have not approved those elections.

In the CAR, the explanations given by South African Government on why our soldiers were sent there to die is not satisfactory, and will never be satisfactory because there was no sound diplomatic purpose to send troops to the CAR, except personalized relations between President Bozize and President Zuma. In a recent visit to South Africa, the CAR Prime Minister Nicolas Tiangaye confirmed publicly that the CAR after the coup de tat seeks to build formalized diplomatic relations with SA, not personalized relations that existed before the coup de tat. Since when do governments send troops to prevent a coup de tat, loose the war and lives, and a week later recognise the coup government as legitimate authority? It is evident that our 15 soldiers, and the many which SANDF claims were casualties from the rebels' side died because of personalized relationships, not a coherent foreign policy objective which SA claims is to protect elected governments.

Whilst the US Administration under Obama orchestrated the murder of Maummar Gaddaffi, the South African Administration under Jacob Zuma was complicit. If there is any political authority that could have prevented the callous rape of the internal conflicts in Libya by imperialist forces, it is South Africa. South Africa was given leadership of creating dialogue in Libya to resolve the conflicts, and chose instead to vote for a UN Resolution 1973 on a no-fly zone and all other necessary interventions, which led to the looting of Libya by Western imperialism. South Africa betrayed Libya and the African Union and agenda on the right of self determination and sovereignty. 

Before this, South Africa was amongst the first to acknowledge and legitimize the French Puppet Government in Ivory Coast, despite open rabid actions of the French Government to overthrow Gbabo, before elections disputes were internally resolved. The arrogance of King Mswati III is amongst other things due to the assurance he receives from Pretoria. Whilst the people of Swaziland will liberate themselves, the reality is that such should happen with Pretoria's unequivocal support for democratization of Swaziland. The incumbent President of South Africa has other interests in Swaziland, than democratization and any Activist or Internationalist worth his salt will admit hat such is an obstacle to the struggle of Swaziland. 

All these and many others illustrate that whilst the Progressive formations and Internationalists will correctly protests against the imperialist bully during Obama's visit, we have closer to home a sub-imperialist bully which has potential to destabilize Africa more than any political authority to ever exist in Southern Africa. The proposal by President Zuma for the establishment of a Rapid Response Military Unit for the African Union is not innocent, and a reflection of the Securocratic attitude adopted by South Africa since 2009. These are realities that we are living with here in South Africa, and we should all after humiliating and exposing Obama, expose the sub-imperialist actions of South African government. We need to be consistent on matters of principle, and not choose political battles that suit our religious beliefs. Congolese citizens, particularly from the Union for Democracy & Social Progress (UDPS) marched to Luthuli House on several occasions to highlight the defects of South African foreign policy, and none of the progressive forces has spoken in support of their genuine concerns. 

Floyd Shivambu is an Economic Freedom Fighter.  

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